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pythonx has over 100 installations around the world

The PROVEN Performer And Experience Leader

Scenario: You took on a large project with thin margins and an aggressive delivery. You need a machine to help you succeed.  Would you choose a new, experimental system which has been around for two years and has fewer than 10 users?  Or do you go with something that's proven and reliable?


PythonX is the original robotic plasma cutting system for structural steel:

  • That has 10 years of development and over 200 satisfied users around the world.
  • That replaces drill lines, saws, copers, angle or clip machines and connection plate machines.
  • That has demonstrated high reliability and remarkably quick payback.

When PythonX was introduced, makers of traditional structural fabrication machinery weren't interested in pursuing such technology. After all – one plasma machine replaces all of their other equipment. Today, they're all trying to build imitations of PythonX, but it takes years of design, testing and experience to get to this level of productivity.


At Burlington Automation, we are focused exclusively on the robotic plasma system. No saws or drill lines take away engineering or service resources from PythonX.  We incorporate new features and upgrades based on user feedback and improvements which means your PythonX machine gets better and better every year.


This commitment is important to our customers because, for many of them, PythonX is their main fabrication machine. Virtually every piece they sell goes through it. The machine must be reliable, accurate and backed by knowledgeable service technicians who understand every aspect of it. These customers can't take a chance with a supplier who is just learning plasma cutting systems. They need the security and confidence of a system with over 120 satisfied users.

over 120 satisfied users