PythonX - the structural steel plasma cutting technology leader

Increase Productivity With PythonX . . . Or Get Left Behind

The future of structural fabrication is not that hard to predict. Budgets are tighter. Customers are getting more cost-conscious and it is unlikely they will pay you more for your work. You have a choice: fabricate inefficiently like so many did in the last century, or leverage the latest technology and lean manufacturing concepts to gain an advantage.


PythonX takes fab shop productivity to a much higher level, helping you to:

  • process parts faster,
  • slash material handling,
  • eliminate manual operations and mistakes,
  • eliminate layout and machine programming,
  • make the best use of your limited floorspace.
PythonX squeezes so much cost out of fab shop operations that it pays for itself faster than a beam drill line that costs half as much.

every piece a structural fabricator sells can be fab'd on PythonX