PythonX - the structural steel plasma cutting technology leader

Compare Beam Fabrication Machines

Machine Capability               Single Spindle
Beam Drill Line
3 Spindle Beam Drill Line
With Band Saw
Produce Quality Bolt Holes Approved
For Structural Joints
Yes Yes Yes - AISC Approved
Maximum Hole Diameter 2" 2" 24"+
Produce Layout Marks for Clips & Stiffeners Limited
Limited Yes - any shape
Direct Download from Design  Software
(Tekla, SDS/2, StruCad & more)
Yes Yes Yes
Time Needed to Cut-To-Length One W24x100 Not Capable 5 minutes 1 minute 15 seconds
Automatic Part Handling (set it and forget it) Need to flip part over manually Yes Yes
Cut Copes with CNC Accuracy Not Capable Not Capable Yes
Cut Slots Not Capable Not Capable Yes
Make Cutouts for Bracing & Knife Connections Not Capable Not Capable Yes
Text Scribing (any size) Not Capable Not Capable Yes
Fabricate Complete Stair Stringers,
including Tread Layout
Not Capable Not Capable Yes
Miter Cut Not Capable Costly Option Yes
Weld Prep Bevel Cut Not Capable Not Capable Yes
Rip I-Beams Into T-Beams Not Capable Not Capable Yes
Cutout of Any Shape Not Capable Not Capable Yes
Tool Change Required Yes Yes Never
Production Speed Slow Fast Fast
Price Lowest Highest Mid-Range

CNC Beam Drill Line: The Tool Whose Time Has Passed

70 - 80% of the beams that leave your shop have more than just bolt holes. While it takes 5 to 10 minutes to drill the bolt holes with a beam line, there's anywhere from 20 to 120 minutes of labor and machine time to make the copes, bevels, slots, notches, marking, etc. needed for a finished beam. So the average beam leaving your shop has 5 minutes of drilling and 1 hour of manual fabrication work in it.


Beams that leave a PythonX machine average 10 minutes total fabrication time. That's a savings of at least 45 minutes per beam.


And that's just the time savings. PythonX improves your entire operations, as it nearly eliminates all material handling, machine programming, tooling, rework and the redundant single-purpose machines you're probably using now . . . like a beam drill line.

no beam drill line can do all this