PythonX - the structural steel plasma cutting technology leader


More Fab Per Square Foot

PythonX replaces the functions of a beam line, bandsaw, coping torch, angle line and plate burning center. Yet it requires only the space of a typical beam line.


With PythonX, not only do you recapture the space that would be dedicated to those other machines, you can eliminate the maze of conveyors and cross transfers needed to move material between them.


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PythonX Eliminates The 'Growing Pains' Of A Growing Fab Shop

Structural fabricators used to think growing their business meant adding onto their building then adding single-purpose machines. Everyone starts with a saw, then a few conveyors, then a drill. Wait a few years and add a coper, an angle and a plate machine. But that can take 20 years, cost millions of dollars and use up a lot of space.  Do you have that much time, money and floorspace?


Today, by investing in just one PythonX, a small fabrication shop can instantly become a major player in their market. Efficiency, productivity, speed, quality and safety are instantly improved while the floorspace that would normally be used to house single purpose machines and transfers can be used for fitting, welding, painting and loading trucks. No building expansion needed.


The smaller structural steel fabricator taking that important first step into automated machinery gets maximum return on investment with PythonX. They get everything they need to meet their needs with full CNC automation in processing beams, channels, angles, HSS and plate. The all-in-one PythonX performs so many functions that it never sits idle – there is always something it can be processing.


Large fabrication operations find PythonX is the ideal way to relieve bottlenecks in their shop. It's so versatile you can have it relieve the load at any conventional machine or dedicate it to the truly complex jobs. After all, the raw workpiece is loaded onto the infeed conveyor, and in just a few minutes a fully finished section that is cut to length, has bolt holes, slots, copes, bevels and piece marks rolls onto the exit conveyor – with no handling in between !

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