PythonX - the structural steel plasma cutting technology leader


Quality You Can Clearly See

These side-by-side photos show you typical PythonX holes and cuts next to those of competitor plasma systems. Which would your customers prefer?


The entire PythonX system has been researched, engineered and tested to achieve unparalleled cut quality. That eliminates secondary operations, failed inspections and fitup problems in the field.


Unrivaled Precision and Repeatability

One of the main reasons why the PythonX produces the best bolt hole quality and plasma cut finish is its heavy, stable base and frame. The robot is mounted to the heavy frame that is anchored to solid ground preventing vibration and sway which is critical to achieving quality bolt holes. Other systems with sliding or rotating robot bases simply cannot match the cut quality of the PythonX – its physically not possible. The extra movement of their bases causes instability.


Bottom line: no matter how good the plasma torch is, it still needs a stable base so it moves smoothly during cutting to achieve consistently good bolt hole quality. PythonX meets bolt hole quality specifications around the world. Whether its the AISC in the United States, CISC in Canada or the stringent specifications in Europe and Australia, PythonX has met the requirements and we have the lab tests to prove it.


Other unproven, untested plasma systems have cost fabricators dearly through failed inspections, rework, downtime and disappointed customers. Why take the risk? Choose PythonX with its proven quality record and over 200 satisfied installations worldwide.


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