PythonX - the structural steel plasma cutting technology leader


A Safer Workplace

PythonX reduces many of the dangers associated with structural steel fabrication:

  • Less material handling means fewer accidents.
  • Eliminates manual cutting and torch operation.
  • Eliminates manual drilling.
  • Eliminates excessive grinding.

Even the PythonX automatic labeling capability enhances safety by eliminating the serious finger injuries which are commonplace when stamping parts by hand.

  •    Does Your Fabrication Floor
           Look Similar To This ?
  •   A PythonX Fabrication Floor
         Looks Much More Like This.
  •    Which Looks Like a Safer
        Work Environment ? This ?
  •   Or This Automated, Cabinet-
         Enclosed Workspace ?
  •     Still Moving Too Much
         Steel Around Your Shop . . .
  •    While PythonX Users Are
          Moving It Out The Door ?

A Cleaner, More Productive Workplace

PythonX can make for a cleaner shop too. Gone are the puddles of cutting fluids and mounds of chips and shavings that accompany drill lines and bandsaws. Any fumes from the PythonX cutting cabinet can be filtered through your existing air handling system or through a dedicated filter that can be installed with the line.


And running PythonX makes other parts of your shop more productive. How? When large beams are being moved around the shop, workers often pause what they're doing to watch the event. This doesn't increase safety, it doesn't add value, it just wastes precious time. PythonX slashes the need for moving steel down to nearly nothing, so your crews can be full time workers and not part time spectators.

No beam drill line will ever make this part