PythonX - the structural steel plasma cutting technology leader
  •    Download Directly From Detailing
       Packages Such As Tekla, SDS/2,
       StruCad, and AutoCad.
  •    *.nc or AutoCad Files Transferred
       to PythonX Windows PC Through
       Network, USB Drive or Wireless.
  •    PythonX Reads the Part File,
       Then Calculates All Cuts and
       the Cutting Sequence . . .
  •    Operator Starts PythonX. It
       Makes 40 Cuts and Features
       In One 6 Minute Pass . . .
  •    Result: Finished, Perfectly Fabricated Beam.
       No Layout, No Programming, No Mistakes.

Input The Part Detail File, Let PythonX Do The Rest

PythonX accepts part data from design detailing software and uses it to create the cut instructions. No programming needed - just load the part file and start cutting. It accepts *.nc files from:

  • TEKLA Structures
  • AceCad Software (StruCad, StruCNC, StruMBS)
  • SDS/2 Design Data
  • Bentley ProSteel

and other detailing software that produces .dstv output. In fact, it can accept .dxf files from AutoCAD, converting them with an on-board 'translator' so full cut instructions can be derived.


VersaFAB Studio software is the system's Windows-based interface that puts this flexibility at your fingertips. It displays run data of the length, width and height of the part and shows you how many holes, slots, copes, cuts and marks belong on each face and what the order of processing is. The operator has the freedom to stop at any operation, disable any operations, and skip to any operation. Special software features also allow you to re-start beams and pickup where you left off on the previous cutting cycle.

VersaFAB Studio operator interface software