PythonX - the structural steel plasma cutting technology leader

Any Cut, Cope, Hole or Mark Required In Structural Steel, PythonX Does It:

  • High Quality Bolt Holes Approved For Structural Joints By AISC, CISC And Other Institutions
  • Unlimited Bolt Hole Size - No Tool Changeover Between Hole Sizes
  • Copes With Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machine Accuracy
  • Cut To Length Up To 6 Times Faster And Straighter Than A Band Saw
  • Miter Cuts With Compound Angles
  • Slots For Knife Connections And Bracing In HSS
  • Complete Stair Stringers Including Layout For Treads
  • Weld Prep Bevel Angles
  • Automatically Cut I-Beams In Half To Producing T-Beams
  • Full Text Scribing & Marking (non destructive) Upper/Lower Case Letters & Numbers
  • Layout Marks For Clips And Stiffeners Along Length Of Beam
  • Center, Top Or Bottom Bolt Hole Referencing/Justification

Watch the videos above to see PythonX in action making all these and other cuts. All cuts are made, in order, just as they are spec'd along the length of the beam. No programming or manual measuring was required. PythonX reads the .dstv detail part file (or AutoCad .dxf file) and does the layout work and fabrication for you – instantly and automatically. Can your beam drill line or plate burning machine do that ?

HSS with knife cuts all plasma cut on PythonX