PythonX - the structural steel plasma cutting technology leader


One Smart Serpent

In this video, watch how PythonX carefully probes the section prior to cutting, so each cut is placed precisely where it needs to be, and all cuts are accurate relative to one another and the reference point on the section.


This probing even provides collision detection that immediately stops the robot if an unexpected obstacle is encountered.

Bent, Cambered, Convex, Concave, Slight Over Or Undersized, Web Not Centered On Flange? No Problem With PythonX

With PythonX, imperfect material is often not as much of a problem as it is with conventional structural steel fabrication machines. Bent, cambered, convex, concave, slightly over or undersized, or web not centered on the flange - all these defects can be accommodated thanks to the PythonX probe/measure feature.


It uses electronic touch sensing technology to measure exact location and dimensions of the section. It uses this information to recalculate the cutting path, making corrections for bent or imperfect shapes. You choose a reference point for bolt holes, slots and other features on the web and flanges. You can specify "Centered", "Top" or "Bottom" reference datum, and PythonX calculates the offsets from that reference point to ensure holes are exactly where they need to be, even though the beam is "less than perfect."


Working from the chosen reference point, PythonX can generally fabricate a finished piece that meets specification for feature locations, despite the flaws in the raw section.

special fabricated channel piece