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Time Is Money – PythonX Saves You Both

PythonX savings can be remarkable. There's no layout, no programming, no material handling between processes. AND THE PROCESSING IS FAST!


The drawing for this beam was loaded into PythonX, and the operator hit the "START" button.  Now, you "START" the video to watch how fast and efficiently PythonX produces this perfectly finished beam. Calculate the time for your shop to run this beam.


An Entire Fabrication Shop In A Single Machine . . . Is LEAN

There are 40 distinct cuts and features made to produce the beam above. Think how many people and machines are needed to get that done with traditional fabrication equipment. Think of the cost.


Now watch the video again. With PythonX here's no layout work, no programming the cuts, no tool change . . . really no operator involvement, except to make sure the right beam was loaded on the infeed conveyor and to push "START."


And how much material handling was involved with processing this beam on PythonX?  Two steps: load the raw beam and remove the finished beam. That takes two minutes total.


A 'mostly manual' shop would need about 30 minutes to lift, flip and move the beam around, each movement increasing the risk of a handling accident. A shop with 'conventional' fab automation, still needs about 20 minutes to move the piece from one machine to another, over to a workbench for coping and torch cutting – it adds up.


In fact, a certain manufacturer of those conventional fabrication machines states "every time you pick up a beam it costs $50." Their answer: sell you handling equipment. We have a different answer: eliminate handling !

complex fabricated part 2