PythonX - the structural steel plasma cutting technology leader

How To Use The Estimator
The yellow fields are user inputs. Enter your data, like labor rates, and check the box for the machine or line of interest (won't calculate cost if the box isn't checked). For 'Number of Operators or Material Handlers' use 1.0 = full time per shift, 0.5 = half time per shift, and so on.

Hit the 'tab' key after changing any value to see the impact on labor cost per shift.


From Labor Shortage to Labor Savings

After steel, labor is your biggest 'cost of goods sold'. And it's the most important factor in quality, shop productivity and meeting schedules, so you don't just need labor, you need skilled labor.


Bad news: today's shortage of skilled labor is not temporary. Automated CNC machinery helps 'chip away' at the skilled labor issue, but requires skilled operators and programmers. Another area of shortage.


PythonX doesn't just chip away at labor content – it squeezes it out of nearly every aspect of structural steel fabrication. Use the interactive calculator above to see how just how much PythonX can reduce labor costs directly associated with the fabrication operations.


But keep in mind that's just the labor savings associated with feeding and running the machines. PythonX also reduces skilled labor needed for layout, machine maintenance and tool management. In fact, one PythonX user states that it replaced the equivalent of 30 positions in his company.

no beam drill line can do all this