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Productivity Competitiveness Comparisons
Nelson Brown, President of JB Steel

"Now, instead of three man hours to manually fabricate a beam, the machine can complete it in less than 10 minutes. This is a 90% reduction in labor for an 1,800% increase in productivity."

Nelson Brown, Owner & President  –  JB Steel  /   Tucson, Arizona, USA
  "We used to prep everything manually. A beam would take about an hour to prep, cope and drill 10 holes. If we run it through PythonX, it takes about 10 minutes. The amount of time it saves is huge."
Marlon Almanza, Production Control  –  Cambridge Pro Fab  /   Brantford, Ontario, Canada
  "We've increased our overall production by 100% since we got a PythonX. Now we do double the work with the same number of employees and the same floorspace."
Structural Fabricator  –  Alberta, Canada
  "This machine is great! I just put the material on the infeed conveyor, press start – I don't even pay attention to what happens in there – and out comes a completely finished perfect piece that is sent directly to the fitting area."
Structural Fabricator  –  Ontario, Canada
  "So you just click 'File/Open', choose the drawing file of the piece you want to fabricate and that's it? The machine is programmed ? That can't be it . . . that's so simple!"
Structural Fabricator  –  Oregon, USA
Nelson Brown, President of JB Steel

"Installing PythonX meant eliminating multiple work stations, which took up massive amounts of square footage. And when a company streamlines its material-handling process, it also experiences improvements in other business areas. We have less space devoted to prepping, QA has become more efficient and we have less errors. "

Jeff Lane, Supervisor  –  Cambridge Pro Fab  /   Cambridge, ON Canada
  "The PythonX speed and accuracy effectively increases our steel handling capacity. The more steel you pump out of here, the more money you make, the more you cut your overhead."
Jean Diab, VP Operations  –  Azimuth Three Enterprises  /   Brampton, Ontario, Canada
  "Thank you for developing this machine. I don't know why everyone doesn't have one. It gives me a big advantage in bidding new work and it has changed how I run my business."
Structural Fabricator  –  California, USA
  "We found out that some of our competitors don't bother bidding on jobs if we are on the bidder's list because they know we have PythonX . . . they feel that bidding on the job will just be a waste of time."
Structural Fabricator  –  Ontario, Canada
Nelson Brown, President of JB Steel

"We looked at others who are trying to copy the PythonX machine, but this is a substantial investment so we went with something that we know is going to work. PythonX has proven it is reliable, it has the most features, the most users and a great support center. We could not take a chance with another machine. "

Structural Fabricator and PythonX #62  –  South Carolina, USA
  "You cannot compare this machine to beam drill lines. That would be comparing apples and oranges. The PythonX can do so much more than any beam drill line"
Structural Fabricator  –  Ontario, Canada
  "We looked at traditional beam drill lines and saw there was no comparison. PythonX performs so many more functions on one machine. PythonX is the machine for us."
Structural Fabricator  –  Ontario, Canada
  "I can't believe you guys are selling this machine at this price. I would pay double that if I hadn't purchased mine already."
Structural Fabricator  –  Western Canada

The Company Behind PythonX

Another reason over 200 structural steel fabrication companies have chosen PythonX is they trust the company that builds it.  Burlington Automation is a builder of custom automation solutions for manufacturers around the world, as well as a recognized innovator in metal fabrication machinery, tube finishing equipment and material handling systems. Our engineers specialize in CNC automation, motion control, robotics, traditional cutting tool technology and advanced plasma cutting technology.


Our years of working with structural steel fabricators to "find a better way," led to the development of the PythonX system. In fact, we manufactured quality beam drilling lines until it was clear that PythonX would make drill lines obsolete.


PythonX has been so successful that today we focus nearly all of our resources on its continual evolution, manufacture, installation and support. While companies wanting to imitate PythonX are throwing a handful of engineers and programmers at the challenge, they simply cannot match the wealth of experience and resources Burlington Automation brings to the job of making you more competitive.

no beam drill line can do all this