PythonX - the structural steel plasma cutting technology leader

A Complete Structural Fabricating System

PythonX is an integrated steel fabricating system with amazing capabilities. This animation shows how its various components work together for efficient product flow.

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Every Aspect Is Optimized For High Productivity

The leading structural steel fabrication systm

The PythonX system has been designed for efficient flow of material and minimal delay between finishing one structural section and starting the next one.


For example, competing machines must first unload the finished fabricated beam in order to make room for the next beam in the queue. By contrast, PythonX can load the next beam while it is finishing up fabrication of the current beam, so there is no delay between one beam and the next. That feature alone saves an average of 5 minutes of "dead time" for each beam, compared to conventional fabricating equipment.


With plasma cutting based fabrication, there's no cutting tools or bandsaw blades to change out . . . ever! This elimination of idle time is another productivity advantage PythonX enjoys over conventional fabricating machines.


The Robot: Rugged, Reliable and Responsive

ABB Robotics technology powers PythonX

The PythonX 6-axis robotic arm has the accuracy and versatility to cut and cope intricate shapes, yet it's a rugged 'workhorse' designed for harsh industrial environments. This same robot is used in 24/7 automotive assembly and welding, so you know it's reliable. Important features include:


  • 'Best in Class' Accuracy and Repeatability,
  • Automatic Part Measuring and Verification,
  • Collision Detection for Safety,
  • Shortest Motion Cycles.


The Plasma Torch: HyDefinition Means High Accuracy

Hypertherm plasma torch technology is the industry leader

Plasma cutting is performed with Hypertherm's HyDefinition torch technology, featuring improved arc stability and energy for precise, yet powerful cutting. It's powered by the Hypertherm HPR 260XD power supply, offering consistent cut quality with a longer life for consumables.


This combination of cutting torch and power supply gives a 'laser-like' cut quality at top speeds and the briefest pause between cuts. Also included are:


  • Narrow Kerf Width for Fine Feature Cutting,
  • Automatic GAS Console,
  • Ignition Console,
  • All Communication and Power Cables.


The Cutting Center: Where It All Comes Together

The cutting center shown with ventilation and sliding dors

The Plasma Cutting Center houses the overhead robot, torch, cutting 'table' and workholding clamps. Made from heavy HSS tube, this
10' x 10' structure is extremely rigid to help maintain accuracy and repeatability over time.


The passline height is 28" and the entire assembled center weighs approximately 8000 lbs. It can easily accommodate various ventilation configurations.



The Feed Conveyors: Flexibility To Fit Your Facility

heavy duty conveyor system for delivering structural steel beams

Both the Infeed and Outfeed Conveyors consist of heavy duty frames supporting 4" OD drive rollers that are individually driven by serpentine chain for positive drive. The conveyors use variable frequency drive for infinitely variable speed control.


  • Standard Length of 48 ft. for Infeed, 40 ft. for Outfeed.
  • Infeed & Outfeed Conveyor Extensions to 80+ ft.
  • 7.5 HP Variable Speed AC Motor.
  • Roll Spacing: 16" within 96" of Torch, 48" elsewhere.



The Measuring Cart: Intelligent Material Transport Tool

the measuring cart is highly accurate and repeatable

The high-speed Measuring Cart travels the length of the Infeed Conveyor, plus the length of the robot work envelope, to position material for cutting. The Cart travels on precision, hardened and ground linear bearing rails, and is driven by a closed loop servo motor utilizing a rack and pinion drive arrangement:


  • Max Workpiece weight of 11,000 lbs.
  • Travel Speed to 170 fpm.
  • Safety Beacon flashes when Cart engages the workpiece.



Cross Transfers: Flexible Configurations for Single or Dual Side Loading

cross transfers are either drag type or lift-and-carry type

Cross Transfer Groups can be placed alongside both the Infeed and Outfeed conveyors to accumulate and transfer material. They are supplied as either heavy-duty drag type or lift-and-carry type. These optional cross transfer groups consist of at least four stations driven by a single variable speed AC motor through a common line shaft. The chain strands pass between feed conveyor rollers, dragging material across the rollers and to (from) the cross transfer legs.


Cross transfer control is through a manual pushbutton station.