PythonX - the structural steel plasma cutting technology leader


Solid Machine Construction

Every PythonX machine will be a "workhorse" for its owner, so it has to be reliable. Reliability comes from a proven design, using the right materials and components for the job, and assembling it all to stringent, consistent standards.


We've staked our reputation on this machine and its performance. The verdict? In 7 years, not one PythonX has changed hands from its original owner.

  •   Cutting Center Assembly Bay
  •   Standardized Design
      For Consistent Quality
  •   Full Electrical and
      Software Checkout
  •   Conveyor and Cross
      Transfer Bay
  •   Final Functional Testing
  •   Quicker To Install
      And Enter Production

Built To Last

Users count on PythonX to deliver pinpoint accuracy over years of operation. That performance starts with selection of prime materials and uncompromising construction standards.


The PythonX plasma cutting center is built from extremely rigid tubular frame and beam, making it 'rock solid' but easy to lift with overhead cranes and transport on flatbed trailers. All subassemblies are built using standard 'off-the-shelf' components with excellent service histories. The entire plasma cutting center is assembled and factory-tested to ensure all motion control, cutting and operator interface functions meet their quality control criteria.


Installation of the entire system typically takes a week and you can be in production within 7 to 10 days of the equipment arriving on site. Our factory technicians assist you with and certify the final installation as part of the startup and training service package that accompanies every PythonX.


every part made by plasma cutting structural steel