PythonX - the structural steel plasma cutting technology leader


System Control & Interface

The PythonX Operator Control is a touchscreen industrial personal computer that issues all commands, displays and all status/alarm messages. It can be networked for download of part detail files and for remote diagnostic and troubleshooting assistance.




A Window Into Every Step Of Production

The PythonX system control is an industrial PC that's specifically designed for factory environments. It drives the user-friendly touchscreen interface from which all operator commands are issued and all system status and alarm conditions are displayed. It also hosts the VersaFAB Studio software that translates design files (dstv files from Tekla Structures, SDS/2, StruCad, etc.) into cutting instructions.


The PC can be networked to other intelligent controllers or to your office network for data acquisition and file sharing. This greatly simplifies download of design detail files and allows for REMOTE SUPPORT by our factory technicians.


The control PC is housed in an oil and dust tight panel that also contains and protects the servo amplifiers, motion controller and micro controller for machine logic. The system is pre-wired for quick installation.

VersaFAB Studio operator interface software