PythonX - the structural steel plasma cutting technology leader


The Plasma Cutting System

PythonX's High Definition Cutting Torch and matched Power Supply gives a 'laser-like' cut quality at top speeds, with the briefest pause between cuts.


Gas control is fully automatic, requiring no operator input.



All Holes Are Not Created Equal

PythonX uses only HyPerformance technology by Hypertherm to cut with consistency and superior quality that minimizes secondary operations. The HPR260XD power unit gives you this precision at unprecedented speed, yet extends consumable life beyond competing plasma systems.


BUT A GREAT PLASMA SYSTEM IS NOT ENOUGH. You also need superior motion control and stability to maintain a complex cutting path. Any vibration, sway, harmonics or shaking will affect the cut, causing unacceptable bolt hole quality . . . and failed inspections, lost jobs and a damaged reputation.


Built on the foundation of a stable, stationary base, PythonX pioneered robotic plasma hole technology and has been producing the undisputed best plasma-cut bolt holes in the industry . . . bolt holes that have been lab tested and AISC approved.


PythonX and competitor bolt hole comparison