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Customer Success Stories

At Burlington Automation, we measure our success through the success of our customers around the world. Learn about real world companies that have purchased the PythonX and find out about the impressive improvements it has made to their structural steel fabrication shops by increasing productivity and more importantly . . . their bottom line.

Universal Steel manufactures better products with PythonX

Endres continues to innovate with each generation

LMC Contractors – PythonX Opens New Opportunities

Anderson Steel – PythonX Pays Off Tenfold

Stehl Corporation – On the Fast Track for Growth

Now, instead of three man hours to manually fabricate a beam, the machine can complete it in less than 10 minutes. This is a 90% reduction in labor for an 1,800% increase in productivity.

Nelson Brown – President & Owner

JB Steel

We used to prep everything manually. A beam would take an hour to prep, cope and drill 10 holes. If we run it through PythonX, it takes about 10 minutes. The amount of time it saves is huge.

Marlon Almanza – Production Control

Cambridge Pro Fab

We are saving about $500,000 a year in labor costs. We have had zero rework from fab work. We can put 10x more volume through our shop than before. We have increased our capacity 10 fold since purchasing the PythonX.

Jeff Holley – VP Operations

LMC Industrial Contractors

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