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Next Generation Software

New features and capabilities let you get more done, more quickly and easily, making the PythonX phenomenally powerful. Now, more than ever, PythonX is the single most important PROFIT CENTER for any fabricator.


  • 24″ (60.96 cm) Operator Control System with ergonomic/industrial designed handles that allow ease of movement into optimum positions for any Operator
  • 3D Part Visualization with our NEW intuitive touch screen
  • Rotate, zoom in and out of cut features enhancing our collision avoidance portfolio
  • Tool Path Simulations further enhancing our collision avoidance portfolio
  • Consumable Arc and Start Display and Monitoring that helps to ensure optimum cut quality
  • Production queue display that shows a production run in sequence
  • Production Reporting
  • Laser Measuring
  • Regularly scheduled release of software enhancements and NEW innovations

Despite our machine being over 10 years old, we’re currently running the latest software. PythonX support is quick and efficient; they helped us tremendously with initial training and setup.

Tony Weitzenbaur – Plant Manager

M&G Steel Limited

PythonX is unique as probably the only fabrication capital equipment that gets more valuable the longer you own it. That’s because software and functionality upgrades keep your PythonX on the leading edge with new features and functions . . . so you don’t have to buy a new machine every few years.

PythonX allows us to directly download part drawings and files to the machine. Cuts are made in one pass through the machine, providing unparalleled quality and turnaround time.

Greg Hosier - Operations Supervisor

Logistics Management Services, Inc.